Rafael García Ferreira

Rafael García Ferreira

Doctor in Contemporary History

ORCID: 0000-0002-9880-743X 


Rafael García Ferreira (1990, Santiago de Compostela). Graduated in History (2013, USC), master's degree in Contemporary History (2015, USC) and doctorate in contemporary history with the thesis Violence, persecution and story in the conformation of the coup power in Santiago de Compostela, 1936. He studied for a doctorate at the contemporary area of ​​the Department of History of the USC, where he developed his thesis around the conformation of the Franco regime in the city of Santiago de Compostela. He was a contracted researcher in the project “Processes of construction and destruction of citizenship wool. Genocidal practice, memory and transitional justice in comparative perspective”, in addition to participating in other projects and research agreements. 


He combines his academic activity with different outreach activities around his areas of study. In addition to having published different scientific texts and having made contributions to international congresses in his area of ​​study, he also participates in conducting research within the framework of collaboration agreements with different institutions. 


Study areas: civil war, Francoism, contexts of massive violence, local history, social history.