• HISTAGRA Seminar Cycle: Natália Pereira

    HISTAGRA Research Seminar: Natália Pereira  Next Thursday, December 2, we will hold a new session of the HISTAGRA 2021 Seminars. On this occasion we are visited by the researcher Natália Pereira, collaborator in the Laboratório de Paisagens, Património e Território (Lab2PT) and member of t...
  • Exhumation of the Filgueira Trench (Crecente)

    The USC interdisciplinary team in charge of carrying out the Quadrennial Democratic Memory Plan will act in Filgueira (Crecente) Tomorrow, Wednesday, the exhumation of the grave of the San Pedro de Filgueira (Crecente) cemetery will begin, by the interdisciplinary team of the USC that is carryi...
  • Uncomfortable Past Conference: Carlos Benítez Trinidad

    New conference of the Uncomfortable Past Cycle 2021-2022  Next Thursday, it is said on November 25, plus 12 of the skill, to HISTAGRA researcher Carlos Benítez Trinidad, HISTAGRA Postdoctoral researcher, offers the conference  Brazil cannot stop only to protect a race that is sti...


  • Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori

    Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori Antonio Míguez MachoProfesor Contratado Doutor da USCInvestigador de HISTAGRA Canda os meus estudantes do grao de historia, fixen nestes pasados cursos u...


  • HISTAGRA 2021-2022 conference and seminar cycles begin

    HISTAGRA organizes the cycles of Conferences: Uncomfortable Past and Seminars HISTAGRA 2021-2022 Like every academic year, the HISTAGRA Group organizes the Uncomfortable Past Cycles and HISTAGRA...

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