• HISTAGRA at Rural History 2022

    HISTAGRA researchers present the progress of their work at the Rural History 2022 Congress held in Uppsala (Sweden)  During June 20-23 in the Swedish city of Uppsala, the Rural History 2022 Congress will take place. The congress is jointly organized by the Swedish University of Agricu...
  • HISTAGRA researchers are part of CISPAC

    HISTAGRA researchers will form part of the Interuniversity Research Center for Atlantic Cultural Landscapes (CISPAC)  Researchers Stefania Barca, Carlos Benítez Trinidad, Ana Cabana Iglesia, Miguel Cabo Villaverde, Daniel Lanero Táboas, Antonio Miguez Macho, Eduardo Rico Boquete and Louren...
  • Presentation: 1936. Un Nuevo relato. A Coruña, 9-6-2022.

    Presentation of the book: 1936. Un Nuevo relato in A Coruña  Next Thursday, June 9, at the Casares Quiroga House Museum in A Coruña, we will present the book 1936. A new story, with the participation of the publication's editors Lourenzo Fernández Prieto and Antonio Miguez Macho and the ho...



    A TESE DO 13 DE XULLO Miguel Cabo VillaverdeDoutor en Historia e profesor titular no Dep. Historia-USCInvestigador de HISTAGRA Adoita afirmarse que o deporte xoga nas sociedades contemporáne...


  • HISTAGRA 2021-2022 conference and seminar cycles begin

    HISTAGRA organizes the cycles of Conferences: Uncomfortable Past and Seminars HISTAGRA 2021-2022 Like every academic year, the HISTAGRA Group organizes the Uncomfortable Past Cycles and HISTAGRA...

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