• Flor Baena in the Uncomfortable Past Cycle of HISTAGRA

    The HISTAGRA Group resumes the cycle of Uncomfortable Past Conferences with a conference by Flor Baena  Flor Baena, sister of Humberto Baena, murdered on September 27, 1975 at the age of 25, will relate them in this conference in family memory of those events and the management of pain and...
  • HISTAGRA at the Nicolás Combarro Exhibition. Notes from the subsoil. Munich

    HISTAGRA is part of the Cycle of Conferences around the exhibition Apuntes de el subuelo, by Nicolás Combarro HISTAGRA is present, through the researcher Lourenzo Fernández Prieto, in the conferences that are organized at the NS- Dokumentationszentrum München, in collaboration with the Maximili...
  • HISTAGRA launches the Quadrennial Democratic Memory Plan in Galicia

    HISTAGRA launches the Quadrennial Democratic Memory Plan in Galicia 2021  Last August, the Xunta de Galicia, through the First Vice Presidency and the Ministry of the Presidency, Justice and Tourism, and the Ministry of Culture, Education and University and the University of Santiago de Co...



  • HISTAGRA 2021-2022 conference and seminar cycles begin

    HISTAGRA organizes the cycles of Conferences: Uncomfortable Past and Seminars HISTAGRA 2021-2022 Like every academic year, the HISTAGRA Group organizes the Uncomfortable Past Cycles and HISTAGRA...

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