Bruno Esperante Paramos

Bruno Esperante Paramos

Doctor in contemporary history

ORCID: 0000-0002-5814-7983


Bruno Esperante Paramos (A Baña, 1988) is a Doctor of History (2020 USC) and Master in Contemporary History (2014 USC). He was part of several research projects of the HISTAGRA Group and was a fellow of The Great Technological and Social Transformation of Iberian Farms: old, new and new paradigms (1950-2000), in which he prepared his thesis related to the technological change of the Galician agriculture in the twentieth century. He was an extraordinary prize in the Master of Contemporary History 2013/2014, and a prize for linguistic quality in Galician in the area of Humanities in the USC for his TFM Popular and illustrated representations of agricultural technology of the second wave of industrialization (1890-1940).

His lines of research focus on: Rural and Agrarian History, Environmental History, Green Revolution, Cultural Studies, Identities and Nationalisms.