Aldara Cidrás Fuentes

Aldara Cidrás Fuentes


Aldara Cidrás Fuentes (Vigo, 1994) is a graduate in History (2016, USC), master's degree in Contemporary History (2017, interuniversity [USC]) and is currently doing her doctoral dissertation in the History Department of the University of Santiago de Compostela. by professors Lourenzo Fernández Prieto and Antonio Míguez Macho. Since 2018, she is a researcher hired under the auspices of support for the pre-electoral stage of the Xunta de Galicia and will stay at Princeton University (USA) from August to November 2019.

In the academic year 2016/2017, he obtained the Extraordinary Prize of the University Master's Degree in Contemporary History and his master's degree work A violencia, as vítimas, os verdugos. A lóxica do terror na cidade de Pontevedra (1936 - 1939) was valued with honors. During this year, she was also a beneficiary of a collaboration grant from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports to work at the Documentary and Contemporary Oral Heritage Unit (UPDOC) - Oral History Fund of Galicia (HISTORGA).

Its main line of research focuses on the analysis of the perpetrators of the genocidal violence unleashed after the coup of 1936 and the study of crimes against humanity in the 20th century, their memories and narratives, the processes of construction of the guilt as a shared sentiment, the history of mentalities, cultural and gender studies, and policies of transitional justice and (de) memorialization.

An advance of his investigations is available in: CIDRÁS, Aldara (2018): "A construction gives collective responsibility na cidade de Pontevedra (1936 - 1939)", in FERNÁNDEZ PRIETO, Lourenzo e MÍGUEZ MACHO, Antonio (eds.): Golpistas e verdugos de 1936. Historia dun pasado incómodo,Vigo, Galaxia, pp. 227-283.