Irene Tome Urresti

Irene Tome Urresti


Irene Tomé (A Coruña, 1985). BA in Journalism (UPSA), Master in Politics and Democracy (UNED) and Master in Journalistic Editing (UDC). He is currently part of the Doctorate Program in Contemporary History and researches the discourse in the Dictatorship, the denial of the liberal and republican past in Galicia (1936-1986) and the construction of "The New Spain".

Since 2011 he has worked in different communication cabinets of companies, foundations and organizations. He combines his work with collaboration in different Galician magazines, such as Praza Pública or Tempos Novos.

His lines of research are focused on: Francoist repression, historical and democratic memory, dictatorship, transition, media and speech.