Histagra at the XIX World Economic History Congress. Paris, 2022

HISTAGRA participates in the XIX World Economic History Congress 


Between July 25 and 29, 2022, the XIX session of the Economic History Congress will be held in Paris 


On this occasion, the main theme revolves around natural resources: "We consider natural and modified, renewable and non-renewable, material, immaterial and energy resources, as well as their discoveries, depletion, recycling, limitations and limits. We also include the part of labor, skills and training involved in its exploitation, the institutional dynamics and the implication of scientific, technical, financial and digital knowledge." 


Histagra will be present with the work: "Adaptive management of landscape in a peasant society. Institutions and use of resources in Barbanza peninsula, Galicia (NW Spain) since nineteenth century", authored by HISTAGRA researchers Lourenzo Fernández Prieto and David Fontán Bestilleiro, together with David Soto Fernández, Francisco G. Quiroga and Ricardo Suárez. 


The contribution is based on the conclusions obtained in the work of the Barbanza Ecosicial Laboratory. 


More information:


 https://www.wehc2022.org/program-details/institutions-fuere-collective-action-social-capital-and-the-management-of-natural-resources-in-historical-perspective-latin-europe-and- latin-america