HISTAGRA at Rural History 2022

HISTAGRA researchers present the progress of their work at the Rural History 2022 Congress held in Uppsala (Sweden) 


During June 20-23 in the Swedish city of Uppsala, the Rural History 2022


Congress will take place. The congress is jointly organized by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and Uppsala University through the Division of Agrarian History and the Department of Economic History. The congress that was to be held in 2021 had been postponed due to COVID and is coordinated by Patrick Svensson, Professor of Agricultural History at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, and Mats Morell, Professor of Economic History at Uppsala University. 


HISTAGRA presents the following works: 


Miguel Cabo: Agrarian associations and parties in Europe, 1870-1939: a global interpretation 


David Fontán Bestilleiro: Reconstructing sustainability in the long term. Laíño (Galicia): from historical and community relevance to abandonment 


Alba Díaz-Geada: Class differentiation processes in Contemporary Rural Galicia 


And as session organizers: 


Alba Diaz-Geada; Lisandro Cañon Voirin: Class differentiation in contemporary rural societies 


Juan Pan-Montojo; Lourenzo Fernandez Prieto; Miguel Cabo: From rural modernities to agricultural modernisation, 1930s-1960s