HISTAGRA in the Conference "Baroña, the community that makes sustainability". 07-14-2021

Baroña hosts on Wednesday July 14 the conference "Baroña, the community that makes sustainability"


Over the last year, the USC HISTAGRA Group and the Ría Foundation carried out the Barbanza Ecosocial Laboratory project. This pioneering action-research, which has the support of the Santander Foundation, paid special attention to the Monte Vecinal in the common hand of Baroña (Porto do Son).


This project looks to the past and present of the local communities to promote the sustainable use of the future, under this premise it has published the collective work When we were sustainable. Learning the keys to the future at Barbanza, which can be downloaded for free on the web https://barbanzaecosocial.org/. This publication collects information from residents of Baroña who related the past and present relationship with the mountain, a work that seeks not only to reconstruct the memory of the community, but to think about it in terms of ecosocial transition: what about the past that may be recovered to contribute to a socio-ecological transition in the territory.


The public day will take place on Wednesday July 14 at 7:00 p.m. in the Forest House of the Community of Monte Vecinal de Baroña and will be attended by the promoters of the project, the Professor of Contemporary History of the USC and IP of HISTAGRA Lourenzo Fernández Prieto, and Professor David Soto, an expert in environmental history, as well as the members of the RÍA Foundation, Manuel Rodríguez and Adrián Capelo.