collaborator Antonio Nores Soliño dies

Today the ex-president of the Association 28 de Agosto de Cangas and assiduous collaborator of Antonio Nores Soliño died.


Antonio Nores has been one of the main collaborators of the project since 2006. Thanks to his work and dedication, today we can show everyone interested over a hundred documents and photographs related to Cangas and the region of Morrazo, relating to the Second Republic to the Franco dictatorship as well as current.


Likewise, his contribution of biographical data related to the people who suffered the Francoist violence and which is available on the website, was essential to cover some doubts that we find in the different archives.


The contribution to the enrichment of the oral funds of the project, currently available on also owes much to him.


Que o libre voo das pombas da paz / erga para sempre a memoria solidaria / das xentes xustas que o deron todo / pola liberdade e a xustiza. / Pombas, pombas, pombas!” ” Claudio Rodriguez Fer (From the monument to the retaliated from the municipality of Cangas to which Antonio dedicated time and enthusiasm)