HISTAGRA in the seminar You favorites do trasno

HISTAGRA in the seminar You favorites do trasno 



The HISTAGRA Group, through the Principal Investigator, Lourenzo Fernández Prieto, will be present at the Seminar "Os favorites do trasno", on citizen archives and democratic memory, which will be held on November 20 and 21. It will be of an online nature. 



Since November 2018, the Unha Gran Burla Negra Association has been calling for thought around the Never More Movement, organizing an annual meeting on the anniversary of the Prestige disaster, the oil tanker sunk in 2002 off the Galician coast. This year we celebrate the meetings around the idea of ​​citizen archives, convening spaces, projects and collective experiences that, from the artistic or the historical, the intimate or the community, speak to us about the relations between democracy, access to knowledge and the production of archives. Two threads between memory, consciousness and heritage, of its public and communal government and activation, of its risks and evils, of its destruction and reinvention, of the miracle that what is called to be lost is preserved and made available by the work of love and the grace of care.



Starting Monday, November 16


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