Brais Ferreiro Ares

Brais Ferreiro Ares




Brais Ferreiro Ares (Redondela, 1996) has a degree in History, a master's degree in Contemporary History and a master's degree in Teaching from the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC). In the TFG and in the TFM of Contemporary History he studied the Transition from the municipal perspective in As Neves, Bueu, Redondela, Soutomarior and Tui, and in the TFM of Teaching, he analysed how Transition is taught in ESO and in Bacharelato nowadays.


He is currently a pre-doctoral researcher at the USC Contemporary History PhD Program, where he continues to work with Transition from a local point of view. The main objective of the investigation is to check whether the Galician town councils had a break, reform or continuity with the Franco regime and what implications are derived from that. 


He is also a contributor to the Mazarelos Magazine