The oral funds of TERRA E MEMORIA can already be consulted in the room

The oral funds of TERRA E MEMORIA can already be consulted in the room

The file www.terraememoria.usc.gal constitutes a pioneering advance in the management of oral history. The creation of this fund facilitates access to information resulting from decades of work by USC research groups: HISTAGRA, HISPONA and HISTAAMERICA. The creation of this web constitutes a space for the distribution of knowledge that allows to amplify to interested public the more than 2000 interviews collected and indexed in the catalog.

Through the web you can access the available funds, but to listen to all the funds it is necessary to access it in the room, that is, physically. For this reason we opened a physical space in room 412 in the Faculty of Philosophy of the USC located in the Plaza de Mazarelos in Compostela. This file is open on Wednesdays from 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. We hope that in a short time we can extend the access schedule. The archive has the work of an outstanding team of archivists who can resolve any doubts to the researcher.

In order to access this file it is necessary to request an appointment through the email terraememoria@usc.gal to be able to request access to all the funds collected by this web repository of oral interviews on the History of the 20th century:

Social history of daily life and rural life.

Migrations to America and Europe: origins, trips, jobs, returns.

Victims of the persecutions of the coup, the war and Franco's repression.

The oral funds now collected collect the memory of the past of the common people of Galicia in the 20th century; an Atlantic European territory of intense and ancient occupation that develops a very intensive agriculture and drains a large migratory route to America before 1950 and Europe later. Some people who starred in the same European history of work, transits from rural to urban, migrations and returns, personal and collective progress, also wars, fascism and democracies that characterized the twentieth century.

For those people interested in accessing the funds we recommend that they register on the website itself and from there select which interviews they wish to listen to. Through the search engine of the web itself, interviews can be selected, both by subject matter and by labels, funds or places, thus speeding up the information search process.

Any question about this can be solved by sending an email to terraememoria@usc.gal